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                                2. 工而優則藝作為一家專業印制中高檔印品的印刷公司,卓誠印務積累了多年豐富的經驗,擁有整套先進印刷設備和一批留學歐日的技術人員,能夠提供從設計、制版到傳統印刷、數碼印刷,印后加工的一站式全程服務。



                                  As a professional printing company, we print premium standard products with complete service from design to color separation, from traditional printing \to processing. Beijing Integrity printing Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years’ industrial experience, possesses the whole line of advanced printing equipment with many excellent technical professionals, some of whom ever studied in Europe and Japan.

                                  We provide professional printing service to clients with high quality, efficiency and reasonable price. Although time elapsed fast, technology is being upgraded continuously; Integrity, Trust and Loyalty are still our basic belief of the company we are proud of along the way.

                                  • In the 21st Century, we develop company strategy based on the analysis of business environment and client’s demands.
                                  • Implement internal computer network and IT management to improve management effectiveness.
                                  • Improve quoting and order online system to achieve efficient communication with clients.
                                  • To provide clients with better pre-press service.
                                  • Import more advanced printing equipments to make sure that our technology and quality are being improved continuously.

                                  讓我們來幫助您!請致電 010-89752856

                                  北京卓誠恒信彩色印刷有限公司 | Beijing Integrity Printing Co., Ltd.
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